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Based on its expertise, dasco intends to make every effort to be the market leader in heat exchangers.

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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers For Compressor

It is a device that cools the fluid flowing into tube inside to the tempreature designed by customers using air from the atmosphere and is used in oil refining plant, petrochemical plant, incinerator, and compressor.

ASME (U‐Stamp with NB Cer’t)
API 661 (Air‐Cooler Heat Exchangers)
Korea (KGS, KOSHA, KEMCO, KESCO and Tec.)
Japan (KHK, 2nd Class Pressure Vessel)
CE Mark (PED Cer’t)
UKCA (PESR 2016) & EN 1090‐1
World Wide Local law (DOSH, MOL, TRCU for Russia, CRN for Canada & etc.)

Tube : SA179, SA214, SA213‐TP304/304L/316/316L,321, SA249‐TP304/304L/316/316L,321, SA789‐S31803
Fin : AL
Fin Type : Extruded, “G” Embedded, Knurled “L”, “L” Wrap‐on, Double “L”


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