Dasco R&D Center is dedicated to continuous self-innovation and R&D. We will do our best to be reborn as a global heat exchanger company.

Since Dasco R&D Center was recognized as a company-affiliated R&D center by the Korea Industrial Technology Association in 2008, it has been striving to improve heat exchanger-related manufacturing technology and product quality, as well as develop products in various fields for shipbuilding, offshore and onshore plants and enhancing technological prowess. In order to survive in the fierce technological competition in the world, our research institute is striving to develop heat exchangers and packages using eco-friendly fuels to meet the eco-friendly technologies and carbon-neutral lifestyles demanded by modern industrial society. We are confident that our researchers will contribute to creating a pleasant environment through the development of eco-friendly products. Dasco R&D Center will strive to create global brand value and become a global heat exchanger company through continuous self-innovation and R&D.

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Research Performance

Fostering regional specialized industries

(2020.05.01 ~ 2021.12.31)

For preheating shipbuilding/offshore explosion-proof areas
Development of Explosion-Proof Electric Radiator

LNG cryogenic equipment technical support project

(2020.08.01 ~2020.12.31)

Development of JIG to improve LNG Start-Up Heater manufacturing process

Clean energy technology innovative company fostering project

(2021.06.01 ~ 2021.11.30)

Inert Gas Cooler for LNG Carrier Cargo Tank Protection
Material change and performance improvement

Eco-friendly shipbuilding equipment technology development support project

(2021.07.22 ~ 2021.10.31)

LNG In-Line Mixer development and performance verification

Busan Regional Star (Pre-Champ) Development Project

(2021.08.23 ~ 2021.10.31)

Including height adjustment function to improve H2 Cooler manufacturing process
Developed JIG (Lifting Jack)

Shipbuilding and offshore industry core technology development project

(2020.07.01 ~ 2022.12.31)

Development of 4-stage LD compressor for LNG carriers

Small and Medium Business Industry-University-Research Collaboration Project

(2021.08.20 ~ 2022.08.19)

Fin mold and automatic punching device development for fin-tube heat exchanger production process improvement

Compressor core technology development and demonstration project
for commercial-grade liquid hydrogen plant

(2022.04.01 ~ 2027.12.31)

Development and demonstration of compressor core technology for commercial-grade liquid hydrogen plant

Clean energy technology innovative company fostering project

(2022.08.01 ~ 2022.11.30)

Development of Inner Fin to improve the efficiency of Compressor Cooler for hydrogen charging station


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