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Based on its expertise, dasco intends to make every effort to be the market leader in heat exchangers.

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Awarded the certificate of designation as a global small giant company 1000+

(Busan=International News) Reporter Kim Ok-bin = The Busan Small and Medium Venture Business Administration of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups held a designation ceremony on the 3rd for 14 companies, including 1,000 global small but strong companies in Busan, including Dipromad Co., Ltd. said.

The Global Small Giants 1,000+ Project, newly introduced this year, is divided into 4 stages by size of export, ‘Promising, Growth, Strong, Small +’, selects companies with high growth potential for each stage, and provides overseas marketing and finance for more than 20 export support organizations. As a project that provides a relevant stage, companies selected for the small but strong stage with more than 5 million dollars can additionally receive R&D expenses (up to 500 million won per year) through the R&D track and support from various export programs supported by Busan City.

The 2022 average sales of the 14 small and medium-sized enterprises selected this time were KRW 60.8 billion, up 42% from the same period last year, and the average export value was $26.59 million, up 17.6% from the same period last year, achieving solid growth.

After the award ceremony, Busan Small Business Administration held a meeting with representatives of Busan City, Busan Technopark related organizations, and awarding companies, shared success and failure cases, and listened to various difficulties related to management and exports.

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Welcome to dynamic & special company, DASCO's website.

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